#100DaysofHealth Over Halfway Through

#100DaysofHealth Over Halfway Through

It’s Day 58, over halfway through my #100DaysofHealth Challenge. So how am I doing?

Well… not great.

The first month was pretty good, a few lapses but stayed pretty consistent. Then we went to Chicago for a long weekend, got home and a week later had family visit for a week. Those three weeks I barely did any kind of exercise.

I’ll admit, it’s hard trying to prioritize exercise when there are things I’d rather be doing and also when it’s as hot as the sun outside.

But the challenge isn’t over yet and I’m not throwing in the metaphorical towel just yet.

Sunday I got up and ran first thing in the morning. It wasn’t my best run and I took a number of walking breaks to catch my breathe, but I did it. Since it was the morning, the temperature wasn’t too bad and when I was running in the shade with the breeze kicking up it actually felt pleasant.

Yesterday I started the morning with yoga. Once I got home I did some arm lifting before dinner. Definitely noticed a difference in my arms, could barely do 3 reps of 8.

I’m going to focus on yoga in the morning and arm lifts in the evenings on days when I’m not running. For days that I’m running I’m going to try fitting in a yoga routine in the evening. Aiming to finish out the last half strong.

How do you find time to fit in exercise into your routine?

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