Friday 5 | Week 4 & 5

Week 4

  1. Things got a bit away from me last week and I found myself in a bit of a haze and forgot to post last week’s Friday 5. I need to keep some of the self-care advise in this article in mind in the weeks, months, years ahead. Sometimes it’s best to just walk away.
  2. Last Friday night I went to see Streetcar Named Desire and the reopening of The Wells Theater. Being back in that building brought back so many memories, both good and bad, and it was wonderful seeing and catching up with old friends.
  3. The Woman’s March in Norfolk was uplifting. Seeing that many people standing and walking together made me remember that I’m not alone. Which is what I needed last week.
  4. I started listening to Invisibilia last week while I was scanning a giant stack of paperwork. The episode about clothing was fascinating and kept me sane while I stood over the scanner for an hour. Definitely adding it to my podcast subscriptions.
  5. We had a few friends over for a day of board games and hot dogs. It was pretty low-key and chill, which is just the kind of day I needed.

Week 5

  1. They have started trimming away some of the shrubs on the empty lot next door. While I’m going to miss the privacy I’m temporarily enjoying our slightly better view of the marsh.
  2. Our review of Kettou was well received and it looks like we might be reviewing another new game in the near future so stay tuned.
  3. My dad had surgery this week. Everything went well, he is home recovering and has already started PT. I’m so amazed and grateful for the advancements in medicine that allow someone to have a hip replaced and be home walking (with a little help) by the next day.
  4. Had a lovely time at a friend’s going away party. Stayed out way too late and I’m grateful we could laze around most of Sunday.
  5. Our FLCBS had it’s first Ladies Night, there were soooo many people there which was amazing and also a little overwhelming for those of us introverts. I stayed for a bit, chatted with a few folks and picked up two new books, Something New by Lucy Knisley and Fun Home by Alison Bechdel. Ryan started reading Somthing New over breakfast this morning by the amount of giggling and outright laughter I heard I know I’m going to enjoy reading it.

A Story Where I Don’t Have to be the Damsel

Last Saturday, I marched in the Norfolk Sister City Women’s March. I was a part of millions of people who came together to show up, stand up, and speak up. I have a lot of thoughts about it but they are still brewing.

A few days ago, a friend posted asking for friends to share examples of sexism and misogyny they have experienced. The idea being to help point it out to people who might not recognize it. There were many stories of obvious sexism and even some that I think cross the line into harassment. I shared two examples that are more subtle:

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Friday 5 | Week 3

Friday 5 | Week 3
  1. Last Friday I went to the opening of The Motherf**ker with the Hat at Generic Theater. Wow! It’s such an amazing, solid script and the performances were all superb. Highly recommend you check it out if you local. We hung out with friends after the show and then again on Saturday at a party. I’m grateful there is such a strong theater community in my area.
  2. Ryan told an amazing story at Tell Me More. I’ll keep an eye out for the podcast of his episode and post it here when it’s up.
  3. Dyed my hair this week. I’ve been thinking about it for a while and while we were at the store Ryan encouraged me to just go for it. I’m glad to have someone in my life who encourages me to stop overthinking and just do the thing.
  4. Discovered that while our neighborhood raccoon is very graceful when he’s climbing around on the treetops, he is not so graceful while running across the top of our fence. It reminded me of watching a seal on land. It was rather hilarious.
  5.  If you are looking for a way to make a positive change and can’t make the DC march, check out this article. I will be marching in a local march this Saturday, you should join me!

Sorry if this week’s is a little bleh. Struggling and hurting a bit today as I know a lot of people are. Find something that makes you happy, give someone a hug, we all could use a little more love.

Friday 5 | Week 2

Friday 5 | Week 2
  1. A snow storm effectively snowed us in all weekend. I was able to take a few short walks up and down our street with Helo bounding along in the snow alongside. Helo loves the snow and it was so much fun playing with her in it and watching her leap through it like a fox. Once we shoveled the driveway and had a brief snowball fight, we all retreated back inside for a TV marathon.
  2. During one of our snowed in days, I made my grandmother’s peanut butter cookies. I’m grateful that my mom took the time to get measurements and wrote down of all my grandmother’s recipes.
  3. We ventured out of the house on Monday and tried out Bonchon. Ryan had the wings and I had the chicken tacos. Very good and very spicy Korean bbq.
  4. Slowly working my goals for this year into my routine. Yoga and lifting are now integrated and next I’m going to find time to work in learning the ukulele.
  5. We have a very busy weekend ahead. A party and a couple performances to attend. After last weekend’s solitude I’m looking forward to spending this weekend with our friends.

How was your week?