The Wil Wheaton Project – Geeking Out with Wil

On Wednesday I typed into Google “The Wil Wheaton Project”, opened up the first episode and watched it on Syfy’s website. I first started following Wil Wheaton online after seeing him on TableTop.  Quickly I was hooked, read his books, read his blog, and followed him on twitter.   Reading his blog, watching him on TableTop, and now on the “Wil Wheaton Project” it is easy to see that he is a geek, just like me and most of my friends.

Starting up the episode I was a little unsure what to expect.  Usually I’m not a fan of review type shows because they often come across as mean, mocking, and a bit elitist.  The first few minutes of the episode, Wil seemed a little over the top, trying to sell the show too much.  His usual enthusiasm a bit faked.  But as the show continued the mask came off to reveal a guy that I could relate to.  Talking about canceled TV shows, the good and the bad, I saw a guy that reminded me of many of my friends.  Jokes were made that I agreed with, that were honest without being malicious.  Only a few minutes in, Wil poked fun at both himself and the Syfy network. A welcome relief since Syfy has some horrible stuff, along with the amazing stuff.

I am looking forward to some of the segments to continue.  The Vikings segment with the 70s porno music was a particular favorite. A few things felt a little stale, the Walking Dead segment felt like something I’ve seen a few times on the internet and I think most of the viewers live on the internet like me.

What really kept my attention is how genuine Wil is on the show.  Watching him it is clear that he wants to be there, is excited to be there, and is having a blast.  That kind of enthusiasm is contagious (and partially why I think TableTop has been so successful).  I didn’t feel like I was watching a celebrity talk about all the cool things going on in Hollywood.  I was watching a guy geek out about the stuff he was excited about and laughing with us about the things that fell flat.

Hopefully the show will continue, keep the spark and find ways to keep improving. If you have cable, check out the show on Tuesday’s at 10/9c.  If you’re a cord-cutter like me you can watch it on Syfy’s site:

R4I 7 – Thunderscape

In this week’s episode, Ryan and Dawn review Thunderscape: The World of Aden.

Published by Kyoudai Games, Thunderscape is a campaign setting for Pathfinder. (Kyoudai is also releasing conversion guides for several other systems.)

Kyoudai Games:

Want to get your own copy: